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Peter Bottomley

Even before his launch into the "real world", Peter Bottomley had already started to pursue his love for music. He cut his teeth in the mid-to-late 90's with Skyscraper Magazine, the publication he started with his brother Andrew to help give recognition to the music they thought everyone should know about. Skyscraper has since become a magazine that has gained wide recognition for its diverse musical coverage, solid writing, and unique in-depth content. But even before Skyscraper, Peter had already started a record label and released his first record at the age of 17 years old. The experience may not have initially been a financial success, but it was another way that he could help undeveloped artists gain some recognition and he continued to release over a half-dozen releases in recent years via the label Satellite Transmissions.

In the year 2000, Peter graduated with distinction from the University of Colorado at Boulder, leaving with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration. His focus being in Marketing, Peter knew upon graduation that he wanted to use his education and experience to further help the independent music community in whatever way he could, rather than enter the corporate world and leave behind the music he loved so much. Shortly after graduation, Peter began working as a press publicist at Fanatic Promotion. While still employed at Fanatic, Skyscraper Media was started as yet another way that Peter could help spread the word on independent music. Having already handled publicity for groups such as Ladytron, Telefon Tel Aviv, The National, Noise Ratchet and My Favorite, as well as developing artists such as Watchers, Baby Dayliner, and The Rum Diary, Peter is looking to expand his efforts in the realm of music promotions.

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