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Full Promotional Campaign:

It is our goal at Skyscraper Media to help artists find their audience and gain the exposure that they deserve. The key to good press exposure is based upon an understanding of the way media functions and what they want from a publicist, something that our experience as music magazine publishers and freelance writers has given us (and we've also had experience as press publicists and record label owners, too). This not only includes maintaining constant communication with writers in the music industry but an ability to strategically design a promotional campaign that best suits each individual artist. These specialized campaigns allow us to determine the relevant media outlets and help to conduct a campaign that will generate a buzz.

A full promotional campaign will allow us to target the appropriate writers and editors for each project, as well as deal with long lead times. We find that it does more harm than good to force a band on writers, and so we try to provide all the necessary information we can and encourage writers to focus on artists that match their true interests. Although this can often be a slow process, the end result is better coverage when it is translated into print. On average, we suggest that a full promotional campaign last at least 12 full weeks to secure reviews and features on each project.

Although services are individually tailored for each project, a general outline of what we do for most promotional campaigns is as follows:

- Assess each projects' needs to help set realistic and attainable goals.
- A servicing of advance CDs, bios, press kits, and photos to the appropriate press.
- Mailing of pertinent press releases to our full press list (usually through email).
- Follow-up on all mailings and provide encouragement to writers/editors.
- Arrangement of interviews, features, and guest list spots (when necessary).
- Comprehensive tracking of reviews and features.
- Regular updates of information to key writers.
- Detailed press report with a breakdown of the campaign and photocopies of all press clippings.

Tour Publicity:

Tour press can have a major impact on helping an artist find their audience, and vice versa. Our tour publicity is designed to send the necessary materials to the appropriate writers, alternative weeklies, and local dailies along an artist's tour route. A tour publicity campaign, whether it has a regional focus or goes from coast to coast, includes the following:

- Servicing of CDs and press kits to all appropriate print media in the tour market, starting 4 to 6 weeks before the tour begins.
- Work with club promoters and in-house publicists, when available, to arrange press coverage.
- Follow-up on all mailings and provide encouragement to writers/editors.
- Arrangement of interviews, features, and guest list spots.
- Provide a comprehensive report of results and press clippings.

New Media:

The web is the way people learn about new music now, and a New Media campaign targets to reach these people on a daily basis with the latest information about our clients. Although Skyscraper Media's national print media campaign always services the most important websites and blogs, a complete New Media campaign hits all 600+ websites (ezines, blogs, podcasts) in our database and over 200 other publications and writers that accept Electronic Press Kit (EPK) submissions.

Skyscraper Media has a well-respected reputation for promoting new artists and there is no better method of doing this through the medium that introduces the world to new artists overnight. The campaign will solicit online coverage through regular communication with our New Media contacts, including email blasts that provide a link to a full-service EPK that gives password-protected access to an MP3 download of the entire record (or audio stream if you don't wish to release tracks in download format), as well as an artist's press bio, high-res CD artwork and photos. This is the best way to generate immediate interest for new music in a very cost-effective fashion.

Limited Promotional Campaign:

Many labels choose to hire outside media companies to handle the promotion of their releases. However, some labels and artists can not afford the fees that these firms charge and so in-house promotion is the only option. Skyscraper Media can help in this situation through our limited promotional campaign, which will assist a project in developing an effective independent promotional campaign for a low monthly cost. Although the limited campaign does not include constant contact with writers regarding the project or the collection of press clippings, the service does include the following:

- A tailored list of press contacts for each project, in which the artist/label can handle the mailing.
- Assistance with one-sheet and press kit development to accompany mailouts.


Our fees vary quite a bit from project to project, so please send your material for potential projects to the address below and get in touch if you have any questions. Project fees are billed either on a weekly or monthly basis and expenses are billed back on 30-day terms, including postage, telephone, photocopying, and shipping materials.

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